The Matrix (1999) - Don Davis
Orchestrated by Don Davis

1m1 Logos / Main Title
1m2 Trinity Infinity
1m3 Dissolved Girl
1m4 Neo Con Brio
1m5 Follow The White Rabbit
1m6 Dragula - Rob Zombie / The Prodigy
1m7 Neo On The Edge
2m1 Through The Surveillance Monitor
2m2 Unable To Speak
2m3 Bait and Switch
2m4 Switched For Life
2m5 Switched At Birth
3m1 Switches Brew
3m2 Cold Hearted Switch
3m3 Nascent Nauseous Neo
3m4 A Morpheus Moment
3m5 Bow Whisk Orchestra
3m6 Domo Show Down
3m7 Morpheus vs Neo  - Lunatic Calm
3m8 Switch Or Break Show
3m9 Shake, Borrow, Switch
3m10 Switch Works Her Boar
4m1 Bring Me Dinner
4m2PR The System -Rob Dougan
4m2A Freeze Face
4M3 Switch Works Her Boar
4m4 Cypher Cybernetic
4m5 Ignorance Is Bliss
4m7 See Who?  -Meat Beat Manifesto
4m8A Switch Out
4m10 Boon Spoy
5m2 Oracle Cookies
5m4 Threat Mix
5m5 Exit Mr. Hat
5m6 On Your Knees Switch
6m1 Mix The Art
6m2 Whoa, Switch Broakers
6m3 The Cure
6m4 It's The Smell
6m5 Playback
6m6 No More Spoons
6m7 Dodge This
6m8 Fast Learning
6m9 Ontological Shock
7m1 That's Gotta Hurt
7m2 Surprise!
7m3 He's The One Alright
7m4 Credits

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