The Last Airbender (2010) - James Newton Howard
Orchestrated by Pete Anthony, Jim Honeyman, Jon Kull, Conrad Pope, John Ashton Thomas, Marcus Trumpp

Airbender Teaser v17
Airbender Suite v31
1m1 Prologue
1m2 First Trek
1m2A Finding Ang
1m3 Fire Nation Ship
1m5 Grandma
2m1 The Test
2m2 Prayer Field
2m2A Zuko Exercises

2m3 Zuko Ridiculed
2m4 Earthbender’s Camp
3m0 Two Lifetimes
3m1 To The Fire Nation
3m1A To The Fire Nation Alt
3m3 Aang Waterbends
3m3A Tea House
3m4 Hall of Avatars
3m6 Ang in Chains
4m1 Blue Spirit
4m1A Dock
4m2 Northern Water Tribe
4m3 Aang and Pakku Spar
5m2 Tai Chi
5m2 Zuko Swims
5m3 To The Spirit World
5m3A Lizards Break Through
5m5 Spirit World Dragon
5m6 Aang and Zuko Fight
6m1 Our World
6m2 Killing Moon Spirit
6m3A Zhao Drowns, Pt. 1
6m3B Zhao Drowns, Pt. 2
6m3C Aang’s Ballet Fight
6m6 The Wave

6m7 I Am the Avatar
6m6 Fix
6m10 End Credits Patch

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