Hocus Pocus (1993) - John Debney
Orchestrated by Brad Dechter, Don Davis

1m1 Main Title
1m1 M.T. Pt. 2 Main Title
1m2 Garden of Magic No. 1
1m3A Thackery Follows Emily
1m4/2m1 Pt.1 Witches' Lair Pt. 1
1m4/2m1A Pt.2 Witches' Lair Pt. 2
1m4/2m1AA Pt 3. Witches' Lair (original)
1m4/2m1AA Pt 3. Witches' Lair (alternate)
2m2A To The Stake
2m3A Death to the Witches
2m4A Meeting Allison
2m5 Max Loses Shoes
3m1 The Closet
3m4 Hallowe'en
3m5 Max and Dani
3m6 Divertimento #17 in D (Mozart)
4m1 To the Witches' House We Go
4m2 What's That?
4m3 The Black Candle
4m4 The Girls Come Home 
4m5 Escape From The Witches' Lair 
5m1 Witches On A Rampage 
5m2 Get The Book! 
5m3 Binx's Story 
5m4R Graveyard Attack
5m5/6m1 Evil Intent 
6m2 The Calming Circle 
6m3 Winnie Wants Children 
6m4 The Master 
6m6 Fingers 
6m7R Hallowe'en Holiday 
7m4 Springing The Trap - Part 1 
7m4A Springing The Trap - Part 2 
7m5/8m1 Up In Smoke Aftermath 
8m3 Is It Safe? 
8m4 Ernie Goes Too Far
8m5 Winnie's Lament 
8m6 Witches Flight 
8m6A Witches Take Dani (Big Sting)

8m6A Witches Take Dani (Little Sting alt)
9m1 Sarah's Theme (Garden of Magic No. 2)
9m1A Max Fools the Witches
9m2A Winnie Catches Up
9m2Aalt Winnie Catches Up (alternate)
9m2B Billy Speaks
9m3/10m1 Pt. 1 Witches Capture Dani
9m3/10m1 Pt. 2 Witches Capture Dani
10m2 Witches Demise
10m3 E.C. String Tremolo
10m4 E.C. Pt 1 End Credits
10m4 E.C. Pt 1alt End Credits (alternate)
10m4 E.C. Wild End Credits
10m4 E.C. Wild End Credits (alternate)

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