The Wolfman (2010) - Danny Elfman
Orchestrated by Steve Bartek, Rick Giovinazzo, Conrad Pope, Edgardo Simone, David Slonaker, Clifford J. Tasner

0m01a Wolf Suite I
0m01b Wolf Suite II
0m02 Wolf Wild
0m03 Man or Beast
1m01-2 Prologue
1m03r Dear Mr. Talbot
2m03a Wake Up, Lawrence
2m03b Horrors of the Past
2m04alt The Funeral
2m04org Do You Believe
2m05 Bad Moon Rising
3m01 It's Not Safe
3m02 Gypsy Massacre
3m04 The Healing Montage
3m08 Scotland Yard
4m02-3 You Must Go
4m04 Cursed
4m05 First Transformation
4m05alt Quite Dead
4m05b Terrible Things
4m07 Country Carnage
4m08 Be Strong
5m01 The Madhouse
5m04a In the Asylum
5m04b Lycanthropy
6m03 Reflection
6m04 The Antique Shop
6m04alt If I Can Help
6m05 The Traveling Montage
7m03 There Is No Cue
7m05a alt The Show Is Over
7m05a 2nd Transformation
7m06 The Finale
7m06alt1 Legend Lives On

Additional Music - Conrad Pope
1m2 Opening Attack Fix
1m3 Gwen's Letter
1m5 Ben's Body
1m6 Mysterious Moon
1m7A Fountain
1m10 Funeral
2m11 Gwen Leaves - Take Warning
2m16 Healing Montage Pt. 2
2m18 Aberline Arrives
3m21 Lake
3m22 Bleeding Lip
3m24A Pint Of Bitter Please
3m25 Mother Statue Reveal
4m33 London Rampage Patch
5m35 The Kiss
6m46 Final Fight
6m50 Gorge - Face To Face
6m50A Wolfman Shot
6m51 Finale
6m51 Finale (Alternate Ending)
6m52 Epilogue

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